• (Excuse the bad pun in the caption, but i could not resist.)

    Last wednesday I went to buy a netbook. Initially I wanted to get the MSI Wind (the 6-cell version) but that was only available in white. So i got the EEE 1000H instead, which was a good alternative after all. It has a slightly bigger touchpad, a bigger HDD, the big battery, better testresults and was 50€ cheaper.

    At the moment I am waiting for a USB-CD-drive to arrive for installing XPprofessional. The HomeVersion is no good when it comes to networksettings. Fortuneately we get all Windows operatingsystems for free from the university.

    Until now I have only tested i few things, because I don’t want to install to many programs before the final OS is on. Browsing the internet works good, the screen is big enough to avoid too much scrolling. The webcam works nicely in contrast to the touchpad, which is a little unresponsive at times.

    The keyboard is only a little smaller than a normal one and with some time of adaption the typing works well.

    Today I copied UT99 from another PC to the EEE. The touchpad is not made for gaming, but with an external mouse its fine.

    When the external drive is there and all programs are installed, I will post some more experiences and some photos.

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