• I have many things that are not complete, just to small for an entry or only concepts or an idea.

    All this stuff will go on this separate page.

    • Code

      QBasic 3D-“Engine” – Some Basic code for displaying lines and dots in 3D. You can rotate, translate and scale the objects (Dots, Trigons and Cubes). Rotating and moving the camera does not work at all..
      It includes pageflipping for smooth display. Primarily wrote it for visualizing early attempts of gravitational simulation. The complete code including two compiled programms can be downloaded here. (It’s ugly and uncommented…just don’t ask..)

      Desktop Colorpicker – Small Program to get the color of any pixel on the screen. It displays the color and its complementary as well as the RGB value in hex and decimal, the HSV and CMYK (the values differ slightly from the ones Photoshop shows). While the program is active, the current value can be hold by pressing the ‘h’ key. Sourcecode and compiled executable are here.

      Nonogram Generator – This program generates nonogram puzzles. The user can paint on a field of arbitrary size and then convert the image to the puzzle. Fields can be saved and loaded. Sourcecode is here.

      Mousecoordinates – Program, that displays the pixelcoordinates of the cursor right next to it. Also includes a function, that wraps around the mouse if it reaches one side of the screen. Sourcecode and exe can be downloaded here.

      Billiard Statistics – PHP code for keeping track of billiard games and visualizing the results in graphs. Download sourcecode here.

      Countdown – PHP program that counts down or up to events. Includes calculation of sunrise/sunset and latin date. Supports localisation. Sourcode here.

    • Circuits

      6052 Single Board Computer – I found a 6502 CPU in an old chess computer along with a 6522 Versatile Interface Adapter. Together with some SRAMs and EEPROMs this would make a nice single board computer to try assembler programs. More information can be found here. When I find time to start this project, I will post more information in a regular blog-entry.

      EPROM Programmer – I have many unused EPROMS lying around, but no way of programming or reading them. The programmer I designed will be controlled by the parallel-port. It mainly is a parallelport interface. The main work has to be done in software. This makes it possible to use the programmer to programm EPROMS as well as GAL’s. Until now I did not find the time to etch the circuitboard. The layout is twosided, so the aligment has to be perfect. Code will be posted when i wrote it.

      Random Number Generator – Generates random numbers from the avalanche noise in a transistor. The random bitstream is unbiased by the Von Neumann method and then send to the PC via the UART as 8bit characters, a binary stream or a sequenc of 1 and 0 characters. Layout and C-code for the AVR can be downloaded here. On the PC a terminal program (like HyperTerminal) will suffice. (I never actually build the layout, only a similar circuit on breadboard (that worked fine).

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