• Electronics 20.09.2008
    Christmas Lights reused

    Top view

    When clearing out the basement a found an old chain of lights for christmas decoration. Many bulbs were burned out but a litte box at the end looked worth opening, as the lights could blink in different patterns. Inside the biox was an IC and four transistors for driving the lamps.

    Christmas Lights reused

    Bottom view

    I plugged it in and measured the signals at the pins of the IC and discovered, that the chip was clocked by the mains frequency but needed no other signals except a button for switching the pattern.

    I decided to replace the lamps by leds and place everything on a small circuitboard.
    At every channel of the IC there are four blue leds. All sixteen leds are placed in a circle around the other parts.
    The clock is generated by a good old NE555 timer.

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