• Electronics, Mechanics 18.09.2008

    While the mechanics are nearly complete, the wiring has just started.

    CNC Wiring (Z-Axis)

    CNC Wiring (Z-Axis)

    The light barriers are now all mounted but the metal sheets to trigger them need to be cut and attached.

    CNC Cabling (Z-Axis)

    CNC Cabling (Z-Axis)

    To shield the cableconnections from metal filings and such i placed a small plastic housing at the Y and X axis near the motor. All cables go into those housings through sealed holes. Inside they are connected by luster terminals.

    There will be 3 cables going to the z-axis. One for the motor, one for the 220V socket and one for lightbarriers and 12V supply. These cables are guided by a cable drag chain to prevent tangling.

    Next thing to do after the cabling is complete is to order the notch-plate and etch the interface boards.

    The coupling-problems are nearly solved. The 12mm holes for the motorshafts were misaligned, but the new holes look good. Maybe the holes in the frame for the couplings to go trough need some filing.

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