• Blades of Grass

    TBlades of Grass (3.5.)


    Tomato sprout (3.5.)

    As a small project on the side I planted some seeds in test tubes.

    The grass seed was planted on the 18th of April and sprouted about three days later. In the following ten days, the blade of grass grew to a length of about 10cm. Then, a second blade emerged that grew even faster. Now, the second blade is 20cm tall. The soil in the tube is interstratified with small white roots.

    A  seed from a fresh tomato was planted in another tube on the 24th of April. The seed germinated about a week later. A small white-violetish sprout emerged through the surface of the soil. A day later it unfolded and opened two small leaves. The leaves are closed at night and open when the daylight shines on the plant.

    An apple seed was planted on the 23th of April, but has not yet sprouted.

    Update (18.05.2011):
    The tomato sprout has grown a considerable amout in the last week, as you can see in the photos.

    Tomato sprout (18.5.)

    Tomato sprout (18.5.)

    Tomato sprout (18.5.)

    Tomato sprout (11.5.)